Preservation of Dyno Test 844K Engine

Full view of engine prior to preservation S/N: NZT00140 Part #: SE 844K_ENG

Wrapping Engine with a buffer material

Oxygen and humidity levels after purging

After the engine has been preserved

Ecoalpha Chip placed on the material

ClientMantrac - Takoradi
SkillsPreservation Solutions
DateAugust 11th, 2020

Preservation of Dyno Test 844K Engine

Mantrac Ghana, Takoradi branch reached out to us for preservation of a critical component.  Upon arriving at the warehouse, we first carried out a toolbox talk to identify the possible risks and hazards associated with the job and place all control measures in place before commencing the job.

We thoroughly inspected the engine for any damages, took pictures and inventory of all parts.  We preserved the engine along with some part of the metallic pallet.

 We placed a buffer material around all sharp edges that may puncture the guardian material. 

The engine was enclosed in the Guardian Material. We purged the inside atmosphere of the bag down to acceptable levels of humidity (20.0%) and oxygen (0.0%).

This item is in a corrosion free environment and will continue to be until the bag is opened. Pictures and all reports were then stored on our cloud for client access.

After preservation, a Guardian Chip was placed on the exterior of the guardian material containing all documentation pertaining to this engine.