About Us

Who is Ecoalpha?

A specialized services company with its main focus in serving customers across all industries.

Specialized services such as, Preservation Solutions, Heavy load Movement Solutions, Asset Marking and Traceability Solutions, Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy

Core Values

  • Our Mission To bring efficient solutions to the industries and market, the company operate in.
  • Our Vision EcoAlpha aims to grow into an internationally acclaimed company offering services to companies across the world to various stakeholders to improve operations of industries worldwide.

We are your ideal business partner to help you grow.

Preservation Solutions

Protection of critical equipment during storage, standby and decommissioning from humidity and oxygen

Asset Tagging & Traceability Solutions

We affix tags or labels to assets to identify each one individually and track data from real time location to maintenance history.

Floor Marking

We use visual cues such as lines, shapes and signs on floors to make spaces easier for workers to navigate.

Load Movement Solutions

Ecoalpha provides load moving solutions with the ability to increase assembly line flexibility and performance to companies around the world.

Why customers love us

Why EcoAlpha

Alliance with guardian preservation systems and Aerogo offers it a resource base rife with technological advancement, technical expertise, and a limitless range of innovative products to suit every need of clients.


This distinct feature of EcoAlpha separates it from other competitors in the industry offering similar services.